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AudioTools is a professional audio test & measurement App. In the App Store description you can read: “AudioTools is the professional audio test & measurement App”. And they are right! If you are an A/V techs, FOH, recording engineers, acousticians, home theater installers... Audio tools is for you... it’s just the best App in its category, made by Pro for Pro! A Killer App!

SPL Meter Analog Sound Level Meter / SPL Pro Digital Sound Level Meter / SPL Graph Graph & Record SPL and LEQ / Traffic Light SPL Monitor / SPL Dashboard All SPL Modules on One Screen / RTA Real Time Analyzer / FFT Fast Fourier Transform / ETC Energy Time Curve / Impulse Response Room Impulse Response / Smaart® Tools I Single Channel: RTA, FFT, Spectrograph / Transfer Function Magnitude and Phase / Level Level and Frequency / Audio Scope Dual-Trace Audio Oscilloscope / VU Meter VU and peak meters / THD+n Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise / Amplitude Sweep Magnitude Audio Sweep / Phase Meter Measure phase shift / Polarity Speaker polarity / Distortion Test driver THD+n / Impedance Impedance test / Impedance Plot Impedance graph / Delay Finder Find delays for speakers / STIPA Basic Speech Intelligibility / STIPA Pro Speech intelligibility / Generator Signal Generator Surround Generator Surround Sound Signals / Monitor Microphone monitor / Files Data and audio file export / Calculator Audio calculator dB Conversion Convert Decibels dB Sum I Average Add or average Decibels Sine Wave wave length & Frequency Reactance Reactance calculator Room Modes Standing wave calculator Delay Delay time calculator Ohm's Law Calculate E, I, R. Bandwidth I Q Calculate 3dB Q / Recorder Record Audio Files (it comes with some iZotope’s effects: Compressor Compressor limiter /Reverb Reverberation / Delay Delay Echo / Multiband EO Three-band Equalization / Bandpass EO Bandpass equalization / Distortion Overdrive and crunch 
What's new in the vercion 6.0
More updates:

--(All) Stored files were being recalled without applying the mic comp curve. All files are now recalled correctly.
--SPL Graph, the seconds data points were not being saved to the XLS file.

--Smaart Spectrum RTA was running on 1/2 speed frame rate
--Mic calibration screen might not save name or description change
--Dropbox status on Settings page might not update after changing

--FFT, added fft resolution display to setup page and main page (top header line)
--FFT, added % overlap control. 
0% overlap = better transient capture, runs each FFT with a new buffer of samples. 
90% overlap = smoother response, better tonal frequency capture. Runs a new FFT when just 10% of the FFT buffer samples are new.
What's new in the Version 5.8
** Added support for automatic Dropbox file transfers
** Updated GUI with flatter, more pro look
** Updated SPL Traffic Light with Time Zones, new 32 and 63Hz filters
**Added option for Reference Curve File import for RTA, FFT, Amplitude Sweep, and Impedance Sweep
** Lots of bug fixes and general stability improvements


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