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Super App

Highnote is really simple. It allows you to speed up or slow down the tempo of a track loaded from your Music Library and change it’s pitch too (by semi tones). The processing quality is good.. It is really hard to rate an App... For example, in this category, I use to test bigger Apps, which comes with a lot of features... Most of the time my rating depends on the App Store description or bugs (if I find them...). Some categories of Apps need extra features: sharing, recording, Midi, ... features. So, Highnote does very well what it says it does... A little Super App!

* Realtime tempo adjustment.
* Realtime key changes.
* Play any track from the music library on your iPhone or iPod touch.
* Play a track once or in a continuous loop.
* AirPlay support for output to wireless speakers or Apple TV.

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