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Killer App

Reflow Score Writer allows you to write your tablatures & Sheets. (Note that you can also import and playback any Guitar Pro* or PowerTab file.)  Pause! Before going further Reflow Score Writer is a Killer App! Really well done and so easy to use! Sorry i couldn’t wait to say it! So, Reflow Score Writer offers you different keyboard’s layouts for Guitars, Bass, Drums, Pianos and Banjos. You can listen your compositions and share them via email in MIDI, GP5, PDF (Cloud is also enable). Check out the video demo and once again “Reflow Score Writer is a Killer App!”







The keyboard (s)

- iCloud enabled.
- Retina enabled.
- Import and playback any Guitar Pro*, or PowerTab file.
- Works seamlessly with the Mac version of Reflow.
- Export to MIDI, GP5, PDF and share your files by email.
- Write your music using Tablature, Standard notation, Chord Diagrams and Chord Names.
- Support of Piano Grand Staff.
- Musical directions (Coda, Segno, …).
- Flexible design allowing you to use different scores for each instrument of your song.
- Full vector graphics PDF export for easy manipulation in Illustrator.
- Many Guitar effects and articulations, such as Bend, Brush, Slides and much more.

Note that we’ve used an OCR App to change Photos to Text, so we apologize if you’ll find some mistakes in the text below.

  • Raúl López
    Posted 14 September 2012 at 01 h 23 min | Permalink
    Is there a manual in spanish. Please send me link. The program is very good.thanks
  • Admin
    Posted 14 September 2012 at 01 h 34 min | Permalink
    Hi Raúl I don't know... i will check it... If yes i will send you the Link if not i will ask to the dev
  • kami
    Posted 29 August 2013 at 20 h 48 min | Permalink
    oh! not help ! new ver.
    • Admin
      Posted 29 August 2013 at 21 h 06 min | Permalink
      Hi Kami, do you want that we update this Post? Let us know.. Best Ed

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