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TuneLab is a piano tuner with real-time visual guidance during tuning. The sound of a note as it is played is picked up by a microphone and analyzed. The results of the analysis are displayed in visual patterns.  TuneLab displays two main visual patterns - the phase display and the spectrum display. Both of these displays indicate how the pitch of a note should be tuned, but each display has its own unique advantages. This App is for professional piano technician,. I didn't try to tune (or detune) my piano to make this review... So... Hard for me to rate this App...


Check out 2 times the price of this App before to Tap on the download button... 

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* Can be calibrated to an accuracy of 0.02 cents. * Measures and uses inharmonicity of the piano to construct the tuning. * Provides an over-pull mode for pitch-raises. * Can store hundreds of tuning files for individual pianos. * Provides many historical temperaments for period music. * Switches notes automatically when you play the next note. * Provides a strobe-like phase display for fine-tuning. * Provides a versatile frequency spectrum display with a Fourier Transform.

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  • Pierre Pouliot
    Posted 14 May 2013 at 16 h 37 min | Permalink
    As a professionnal piano tuner and technician, I use Tunelab daily. I tried others electronic tuning devices and this one is the best for me. But you are right; this tool is for professionnals. You need much more knowledge and technique to be able to effectively tune pianos.
    • Admin
      Posted 15 May 2013 at 14 h 22 min | Permalink
      Pierre, first, I'm so happy that a professional piano tuner as you, checked out this review... So, interesting, for us... 2 days ago, I saw it on my first and very old iPad 1... To tell you the true, I thought it was a little tuner at 0.89€, so I forgot it from a very long time... (Because of its icon... And its UI...). Despite this, I decided to make its review... Then, I checked out the App Store description, and I saw its price... 269€... (I'm still alive... :-) As, a good "Professional", :-), I check if i had to make an update... and I had to... I made my review and the next day, I received my involve from iTunes... I'm still alive... I have an idea of what is happened, but I have to check something... But, sorry, it is another subject... So, I'm really happy of what you say, I have to change my rating... I don't know, if it is possible for you, but, if you could make us a little video, or photos when you are using it... Awesome... Or because I know that you talk French, if you live in France, I can come to you and make a video... I am in France until the end of July, after, I start slowly to travel the world for the Peace Project... Also, you asked Christèle, on an email, what is this Peace Project point... For the Peace Project, Sebastien Gavet built a Killer Traveller guitar... It is the Super Price of our Second Hand Contest... To win it, at the end of the Peace Project, you will have to win points... You and the 6 others from the Short list have already win 1 point... Perhaps that we can make a deal? A Demo Video = 1 more point? :-)
  • David Khan
    Posted 15 May 2013 at 18 h 35 min | Permalink
    OMG £199.99 for UK, I suppose a professional app requires a proffesional price & as Pierre says it's the tool for him.
    • Admin
      Posted 15 May 2013 at 19 h 58 min | Permalink
      Hi David... You are right...
  • Pierre Pouliot
    Posted 15 May 2013 at 23 h 00 min | Permalink
    I'm in Gaspé Québec a little far from you. But ok I 'll try to make a small video. You think the price seems high? I paid over $700 for a windows version of tunelabs a couple years ago (the Canadian dollar was very low at that time). Yet this was a lot lower than other similar programs and electronic tuning devices and it still is... Does it worth it? For me yes. I got a Iphone because they made this app available and I was tired to lug a notebook. So I bought it again...
    • Admin
      Posted 15 May 2013 at 23 h 27 min | Permalink
      Hi, Pierre, no, I don't think that the price is high... for a professional... There are also a lot of Apps, in other categories, (Architecture, Medicine, Cartography,...) much more expensive.. But for me it is impossible to tune a piano, even with the best tuner of the world,... I think,.... Thank you so much, for your proposition... Top... Also, yes, you are a little bit far from me... :-)

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